Tonga volcanic eruptions & its damages

  • At least three people have been killed and 50 homes destroyed

  • Up to 80,000 people, including at least 28,000 children, are estimated to have been affected across the country which has a population of about 100,000

  • The eruption emitted a plume of ash, steam and gas, rising approximately 20km above the volcano, and blanketing parts of the country with ash and smoke.

  • In addition to concerns for the welfare of families who lost their homes, there is an immediate threat to the health of children and their parents due to ash pollution in drinking water

  • The volcanic eruption set off a massive atmospheric shockwave travelling at about 300m (1,000ft) per second. Pressure changes were detected on the other side of the world, in Europe, 15 hours later.

A comprehensive assessment of humanitarian needs is still not possible due to the lack of functioning communication equipment and inaccessibility of some of the most affected areas

Reason for Explosion?

The exact reasons why this eruption was so violent are still being assessed by experts. Some believe the speed with which the molten magma was blasted out of the volcano may have played a big part. When magma filled with volcanic gas is forced through seawater at high speed, there is no time for a layer of steam to cool it. And this "fuel-coolant interaction" causes a massive chemical explosion, researchers say.


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