To improve India’s economy, print images of Hindu deities Ganesh, Lakshmi on currency: CM Kejriwal

  • What: In a statement, Delhi CM and AAP party chief Arvind Kejriwal appealed to PM Modi to print images of Hindu deities Lord Ganesh and Laxmi on the currency notes, along with that of Gandhiji.

  • Why: He made this recommendation to help improve the country's economy. He said printing the deities' images will help boost the growth.

  • Context: CM Kejriwal said that the idea came to him when he was doing pooja on Deepavali on Monday and added that putting the images alone was not enough, but it had to be done along with other efforts.

  • Statement: “Today, I appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modiji, in Indian currency on one side there is an image of Gandhiji, it should be there itself. But on the other side images of Ganeshji and Lakshmiji should be put on Indian currency. To improve our economy, we need a lot of efforts... Along with it we need blessings of gods and goddesses."


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