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"The U.S should look in the Mirror" replies FM of China, Wang wenbin

  • On Friday the United States alleged China of violating human rights. The top diplomat of the U.S said " China is brutally killing people from the minority section of its nation". Whereas, in reply, China said, "U.S to look in the mirror" before honouring and remembering the Tiananmen crackdown in 1989 in which many were killed instead of remembering that the U.S must see the human rights issues in their nation.

  • While in reply foreign minister of China, Wang wenbin backfired the U.S after it claimed mass killing on the current human rights violation issues which China is facing.

  • However, in the Tiananmen moment, hundreds were killed in Beijing and opened fire on residents, students protesters who were protesting against corruption by the government in China. The U.S criticize China even today while remembering the Tiananmen incident the youth are not allowed to post a picture on 'We Chat' China's social media.


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