S. Jaishankar Visit To US: Shaping The Indo-US Ties For New Opportunities

The Indo-US relationship is reaching new heights and the bond and partnership between the two nations are also growing in many key strategic and defence domain. S. Jaishankar’s four-day visit to New York and Washington DC  is the first visit from the Indian side ever since Biden assumed the office of the US President and this visit holds significance for the development and growth of Indo-US Ties.

The Visit

S. Jaishankar's visit to the US is to deepen and synergize the Indo-US relationship after the new administration came into power. The Indo-US relationship has ventured to a new strategic and defence domain since the last year be it the Indo Pacific Strategy and breaking the deals of MH-60 Helicopters. China’s growing attempts of creating influence and dominance in the South Asian Subcontinent has also encountered a break after the Indo-US partnership grew to counter China. Therefore, given the present situation and evolving geopolitical and strategic changes and threats in the South Asian Region especially Afghanistan. New Delhi and Washington DC have to expand their relations and get more closer to the table to fight common threats and attain common strategic goals and interests.

The Multilateral Venture

The growing sense of multilateralism has also created a new opportunity for growing cooperation between New Delhi and Washington DC at common interests. Creating QUAD and Indo Pacific strategy has added a new line of cooperation which brought India and the US closer on defence and strategic matters. Apart from the strategic potential of QUAD and Indo Pacific, this venture of multilateralism also holds economic and trade potential which will be instrumental for expanding the Indo-US relationship. Whereas, on one hand, multilateralism opens a window for expansive cooperation between the Indo-US relationship and even to the other key partners. On the other hand, the need for Health Cooperation between the two nations is growing in good shape but needs to be speeded up more concretely here the multilateral venture of Indo Pacific and QUAD will also help in exploring new ways of health partnership and cooperation.

The Health Partnership The ‘New Critical’ In Indo-US Relationship

Presently, India is battling through the second wave of COVID-19 and during its initial phase the situation in India was harrowing and people were gasping for oxygen on the streets. In those tough times, US stepped up and reciprocated by lifting the ban on raw material exports and sent the vaccine raw materials to India moreover waived off the patent issue (TRIPS). This shows the laying of the foundation stone of a strong healthy partnership between US and India. Amid heated political debate within country and considering the scale of pandemic in India, the health sector of both the nations will be of utmost importance preceded by defense and strategic sectors. S Jaishankar’s visit will also be able to devise strategies between the two nations to give a boost to vaccine cooperation and development and to give shape to this new domain which will be beneficial in the growth of Indo-US ties.

Easing Frictions To Explore Options

For Indo-US Relationship to explore more options for more better cooperation and deepening of the ties, US needs to relax the turbulent trade ties with India especially dealing with tariffs and trade privileges to explore more options in the sector of Energy, Climate Change, and Trade. Considering the present strategic changes, Indo-US partnership has be frictionless because both nations have important role to play in the present environment of global politics especially when it comes to China and Afghanistan and blocking Pakistan maneuvers against India. Since a new scope of healthy partnership and diversification in the relationship has started to grow and the strategic importance of both the nations has soared to new heights after China’s rise and multilateralism(QUAD and Indo Pacific) now its time that  New Delhi and Washington DC have to diversify their cooperation, shape them and ease out the friction so therefore this four-day visit of S. Jaishankar is crucial and aimed in that direction of giving shaping Indo-US relations for a greater role and new areas of cooperation.


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