#PolicyBulletin: Agnipath Scheme-All you need to know

  • What: The Agnipath scheme entails a recruitment process for individuals below the rank of officer, with the goal of deploying fitter, younger troops on the front lines. Most of these young recruits will be employed on a four-year contract basis.

  • Who can apply: Under this scheme both men and women between the ages of 17.5 and 21 will be brought into the armed forces.

  • How to apply: All three services will be enrolled through a centralized online system. Interviews will also be conducted through campus recruitments, through different institutions like ITI.

  • Salary: The 1st year salary package of Rs 4.76 lakh with upgradation of up to Rs 6.92 lakh in 4th year While post release, Seva Nidhi package is of approx. Rs 11.71 lakh, including interest.

  • When: The recruitment will start in the period of September-October 2022.


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