Malayalam actor Vijay Babu arrested in sexual assault case

What: Vijay Babu, a producer and actor in Malayalam, has been detained in connection with an alleged sexual assault case. At the end of April, right when a woman reported Vijay Babu for sexual assault, he had already gone to Dubai. Vijay Babu arrived back in Kochi on June 1 after spending 39 days abroad. He claimed that the actor allegedly turned against him after she was denied roles in his films. Kerala high court granted him anticipatory bail, he provided his social media conversations with the woman in support of his request for anticipatory bail. The Kerala High Court ordered him to not leave the state and turn in his passport.

When: He was arrested on Monday,27th June and was given anticipatory bail with a bond of Rs 5 lakh.

What’s next: The actor will be questioned by Police till 3rd July from 9 AM to 6 PM.


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