In Bihar: 4/5 AIMIM MLAs join Lalu Yadav's RJD

  • What: In a major jolt to Owaisi-led AIMIM, four of its five elected MLAs in Bihar assembly on Wednesday joined now Tejaswi Yadav-led RJD. This makes RJD the single largest party in the state assembly.

  • How: The RJD had 76 MLAs before the four AIMIM legislators joined it. Part of the ruling coalition, BJP was previously the single largest party, with 77 seats.

  • Tejaswi' statement: “We firmly believe all the four MLAs would work towards our goal of social justice and secularism. We have always got the love of the people of Seemanchal. Our party again has a good presence in Seemanchal."

  • Details: Except for AIMIM state president and Amour MLA Akhtarul Iman, the four other party legislators—Muhammed Izhar Asfi (Kochadamam), Shahnawaz Alam (Jokihat), Syed Ruknuddin (Baisi) and Azhar Nayeemi (Bahadurgunj)—joined the RJD.


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