How does a coal plant work and what are the pollution-related issues

  • Coal-fired plants are a major source of power generation across the globe and pose a serious challenge to climate change

  • Coal is fired and burnt to produce steam. The steam which has been generated is under high pressure

  • The steam which is high in pressure is made to pass through the turbine, which is used to turn on the generator and ultimately produce electricity

  • Coal is a fossil fuel, the burning of which leads to the release of pollutants like SO2, CO2, Nitrogen oxide, etc

  • The released carbon has a disastrous effect as a greenhouse gas which traps the heat and results in increasing the average temperature of the earth

  • If the countries do not act timely to prevent a 2-degree Celsius rise in temperature compared to the pre-industrial level, this will have a very high impact on the earth's environment


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