Here's why the Sahara Desert witnessed 'Snowfall'

  • In an unusual development, the Sahara desert spread across 11 nations of North Africa, had witnessed snowfall in the past days. The snowfall was primarily witnessed in western Sahara and north-eastern Algeria

  • This was primarily because of the geographical change. Atlas mountains in the Sahara desert acts as a geographical barrier for the moisture-laden winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean. A phenomenon, similar to orographic rains. The Atlantic Ocean is cooler in the month of January

  • When the moisture-laden winds hit the mountain, they rise up and cool as they reach the upper troposphere.

  • While the winds reached upward and cooled, due to low temperature the Sahara desert witnessed snowfall

  • However, it would soon dissipate into sand upon melting due to warm and dry atmosphere of Sahara


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