GST Council Meeting, Major Agendas, Discussions and Takeaways

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman chaired the 47th GST council meeting, in Chandigarh

GoM Reports: The GST council discussed and decided on four GoM reports-

(a) Rate rationalization committee

(b) Casino, horse trading and lottery, online gaming

(c) IT taxation

(d) Movement of precious metal.

Major Highlights

  • The GST council deferred a decision on the proposal to raise the GST on online gaming from 18% to 28%

  • GST council asks Group of Ministers to re-deiberate tax rate on Horse racing, online gaming, casinos by July 15.

  • AI, ML will be developed to ensure better compliance.

  • GST was exempted on specified food items, grains etc when not branded, or right on the brand has been foregone.

  • Electric Vehicle eligible for the concessional GST rate of 5%

  • The next GST council meeting will be held in Madurai.


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