Govt. Must Immune Vaccinemakers Against All Lawsuits: SII CEO

  • On Friday, while speaking at the Carnegie India's Global Technology Summit, Serum Institute of India CEO Adar Poonawalla said that the government needs to immune COVID-19 vaccine-makers against all the lawsuits especially during this period of the pandemic.

  • The government needs to provide protection to these companies from lawsuits.

  • "We need to have the government indemnify manufacturers, especially vaccine manufacturers, against all lawsuits. In fact, COVAX and other countries have already started talking about that," Poonawalla said.

  • "..the government can act, the US, for example, has, in fact, invoked a law, to say that during a pandemic, and this is especially important only during a pandemic, to indemnify vaccine manufacturers against lawsuits for severe adverse effects or any other frivolous claims which may come about because that adds to the fear and also will bankrupt vaccine manufacturers or distract them if they have to just all-day fight lawsuits and explain to the media what is happening," Poonawalla also said.


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