Govt leaves no room for discussion on Farm laws, snubs Opposition

  • Despite retaliation, the opposition was still welcomed by indifference and ignorance and the bill was passed. Harivansh adjourned the House for 30 minutes immediately after it.

  • The repeal of the three farm laws against which the farmers had been protesting for over a year, just took minutes in Parliament Monday. Passed by the Lok Sabha in the morning, the bill was passed by the Rajya sabha in the afternoon just minutes after resuming post-lunch. As the opposition demanded a discussion, trying to corner the government, which already succumbed to seek a reversal on the farm laws, the government said since the Opposition has been demanding the repeal of laws and the government is now ready for it, a discussion is not needed Deputy Chairman Harivansh moved immediately on the suggestion and took up the Farm Laws Repeal Bill 2021 to be passed through a voice vote. The Opposition protested but the protests were ignored and the bill was passed. Harivansh adjourned the House for 30 minutes immediately after it.

  • Harivansh also did not allow Leader of Opposition in the House Mallikarjun Kharge to speak before Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar could move the motion to pass the bill, to which certain Union Ministers objected. However, later Kharge was allowed to speak for a few minutes said, it took the government a year and three months to take the three “black bills” back. When the three farm bills were brought to the House for discussion, Kharge said, “At that time all members, whether lower or upper houses, NGOs and farmer unions protested, they said it is not in the favour of farmers, it will be against them.”

  • Kharge accused the government of repealing it only due to electoral compulsions. He said BJP was impacted in the recently-held by-elections in several states “and then there are elections in five states”, and the government felt that it would have an impact in the upcoming elections too.

  • Just as Kharge mentioned that over 700 people had died during the protests, his speech was cut short and Harivansh said that he had initially only allowed him to speak for a couple of minutes but he had exceeded the time frame. Even as Kharge continued to speak, Tomar was asked to move the motion to pass the bill.


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