"Government should wake up to fulfil responsibilities", says Sonia Gandhi

  • On Saturday the Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi through a video message said " The central government should wake up to fulfil their responsibilities to fight the COVID-19 surges. The central government must discuss and work with all the political parties to combat pandemic".

  • She added, " It's high time the central and state governments must work together not only to control COVID Crisis but also to control other issues that need immediate attention like migrant labour issues that must be solved. At least ₹6,000 must be added to the bank accounts of labourers to overcome the crisis".

  • "Free vaccination must be provided to all the citizens and testing should be increased across the country as well as other medical essentials like Oxygen supply, medicines, and beds in hospitals must be available. Even the mandatory vaccination license should be given to every citizen. Government must look forward to controlling the black marketing of life- saving drugs", said Congress president.


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