Government Procures Paddy Worth ₹18,540 Crores At MSP

  • The government has procured 98.19 lakh tonnes of paddy worth ₹18,540 crores at MSP from the farmers. The informed data is up till Monday. The procurement has been made by the government agency Food Corporation of India (FCI).

  • FCI has also procured 806.11 tonnes of Moong and urad dal worth ₹5.80 crores thereby benefitting 779 farmers in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Haryana.

  • To ensure the farmers, they get a fair price for their crops, the government agencies have also bought 5089 tonnes of copra worth ₹52.40 crores at MSP and 200512 cotton bales worth ₹565.90 crores at MSP. The procurement will benefit thousands of farmers in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Haryana and Punjab.


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