Government orders Twitter to remove 50 COVID related, anti-govt tweets

  • On Sunday the central government of India has ordered Twitter to delete at least 50 tweets related to COVID-19.

  • These deleted tweets were critical of central government mismanagement and poor handling of coronavirus cases in India.

  • Many of the removed tweets state the carelessness of the government has caused a big COVID tragedy in India. Lakhs of death cases are reported in a day, due to shortage of hospital beds, oxygen and even due to the lack of space in graveyard India is suffering.

  • Poor healthcare infrastructure is the result of Modi's government mismanagement which has led to mass cremation in a day.

  • Ignorance of government and due to the lack of restriction of Kumbh Mela gathering, due to the assembling of huge crowds in West Bengal poll rallies has caused a massive Corona Crisis. The system is collapsed to overcome the worst pandemic situation in India.


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