"Government never threatened employees of social media platform”, says IT Minister

On Sunday the Union Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said " the minister of any central government has never threatened jail terms to any employee of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.”

The IT minister said, " social media organisations must follow the norms of the Indian constitution and laws to do business in this country. The users can criticise the government but can't use social media as a weapon to provoke violence to threaten the integrity of India.”

He added that "the government has ordered Twitter to block those accounts that are provoking the violence and in offence of spreading the fake news. Initially, Twitter did not fully comply but after the government had shown them the rule book and laws of Indian constitution. Twitter has started to follow government guidelines.”

Mr Ravi Shankar said " No government communication has threatened any employee of social media of jail term. Even the government welcomes the criticism and dissent. But no users can spread hatred and violence through social media. The circulation of morphed pictures of women and revenge porn posing a threat to women is not safe for the women users. Thus to give safeguard to every user online, the government has framed guidelines for social media users.”


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