Gen Z trans women in India face violence for not following ways of older transgender communities

• In India, outcast transgenders have lived in collectives and relied on begging and sex work to make ends meet for decades but things are slowly changing.

• Some educated, English-speaking transgenders have rejected the mainstream career opportunities and wish to live independently but are being harassed and attacked nowadays by a section of older transgender collectives.

• A 22-year-old transgender, Payal Rathwa said, “The local hijra community attacked me because I wear saree, jewelry and lipstick but refuse to join them”.

• Another transgender spoke about it and said that she was assaulted by a hijra community member at a bus stop after she said that she was not associated with the community.

• Damini Sinha, a transgender software engineer based in Pune stated that the traditional communities are finding it hard to accept that transgender women are wearing sarees, bangles and dressing up as feminine but are refusing to join them.


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