'G-23' leader Anand Sharma slams Congress on an alliance with ISF

  • On Monday-23' leader, Anand Sharma sharply criticized the Congress alliance with ISF (Indian Secular Forum).

  • Mr Sharma said, " Congress went against Nehru Gandhi secularism". He added his comment on Ghulam NabiAzad by praising Prime minister Narendra Modi for being genuinely upfront about Azad's roots who has worked fine for election campaigns in five states".

  • 'G-23' leader said, " the presence of the West Bengal PCC president is shameful and should be clarified".

  • “The Congress party joined hands with ISF to gain Muslims vote and has also put conditions for ISF to not join hands with AIMIM party", Said Anand Sharma.

  • RJD party formed an alliance with TMC is supporting Mamata Banerjee to get people from Bihar votesin the West Bengal assembly election.


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