Futuristic mask unveiled by rapper Will.i.am.

• Music giant Will.i.am is now stepping into the world of pandemic styling with his latest innovation.

• He unveiled his Xupermask recently. It is a high-tech face mask with noise cancelling earbuds, Bluetooth support, and a HEPA filtration system, that comes through a partnership with Honeywell.

• When asked about the innovation, he stated, “I just wanted to create something that made me feel a little bit more safe and more comfortable traveling”.

• He further went on to state, “And when I travelled, people asked ‘where did you get that mask?’ At first, I just wanted to make one for myself. And then we decided to start the company with my friends.”

• Xupermask was created with materials including a silicone face seal, dual 3-speed fans, and HEPA filters.

• The mask is said to retail for $299 (₹22,342) and will be available in two sizes, small/medium and medium/large, and will start shipping in the US on 8th April.


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