Free oxygen langar at Gurudwaras

• Gurudwaras are known by people for their 24/7 langar sewa (free food) and now the volunteers that run the food langars at the Delhi Gurudwaras switched over to oxygen sewa amidst the deadliest COVID-19 wave that has infected over 21 million people across India.

• The Gurudwara in Delhi are being helped by non-profits as well with oxygen supplies an resources.

• The founder of the non-profit organization Him Chahkar Govindke, Ajit Singh stated, “Some volunteers work at night and some in the day to refill oxygen cylinders from wherever we can. It is a big trouble for us but we are determined to serve. Our Gurunanak has said humans are all the same, be it Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and we have to follow the same. The oxygen langar will continue till things get better.”

• He further said, “We have left our families behind and come here daily to help people in whatever small way we can. Our family is worries and think coming here is suicidal. But we see people dying everyday in hospitals and even on the roadside.”


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