Four cops accused of gang rape in Mexico

• After the death of a 23-year old, 4 cops in Mexico were arrested and charged with murder.

• The cops allegedly gang raped the man and beat him to death.

• Jose Eduardo Ravelo was on his way to a job interview on 21st July when the Merida Municipal Police agents stopped his car.

• He was arrested by the cops and taken to the precinct where they raped him and tortured him before his release.

• After being released Jose contacted his mother. His mother stated that she understood that his son was raped several times in the patrol car.

• When his mother found him spitting blood she rushed him to the hospital where tests confirmed that Jose had indeed been raped by the cops.

• Jose was hospitalized but passed away a few days after because of the extensive injuries to his kidneys, skull and lungs.

• The forensic report stated that his death was the result of multiple organ destruction syndrome and multiple trauma.

• The four cops have since been charged with aggravated gang murder, aggravated rape and aggravated torture.


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