Former Congress MP, Sushmita Dev quits party; to join TMC

  • Former Congress MP Sushmita Dev today quit the party to join the Trinamool Congress, led by West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, in a surprising move.

  • Many of her party colleagues intially rejected her exit. The change in her Twitter bio to 'former member' was he first clue. Later, her resignation letter surfaced.

  • She stated no particular reason for quitting the Congress, of which she had been a part for thirty years. SHe simply stated it as a new chapter of public service.

  • Senior Congress leader Manish Tiwari tweeted, "f this is true it is most unfortunate. Why sushmitadevinc? Your erstwhile colleagues and friends especially the person who was National President of @nsui when you contested your first (Delhi University) elections back in 1991 deserve a better explanation than this laconic letter?”


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