Foreign Secretary says Islamabad must create a conducive atmosphere for a meaningful dialogue

  • On Monday, Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla, listing India’s relations with Pakistan as one of the challenges in the neighbourhood, said the onus is on Islamabad to creates a conducive atmosphere for a meaningful dialogue.

  • The remarks were made by Shringla while delivering an address on the theme “What next for the neighbourhood” at Ananta Aspen Centre.

  • Shringla stated, “India desires good neighbourly relations with Pakistan and is committed to addressing issues, is any, bilaterally and peacefully”.

  • He further added “However, any meaningful dialogue can only be held in a conducive atmosphere and the onus is on Pakistan to create such an atmosphere”.4The situation in Afghanistan and Myanmar as challenges in the political situation I the neighbourhood was also listed by Shringla.

  • He said, “We feel that people on the ground should not suffer. India will continue to closely monitor the situation and remain engaged with like-minded countries to meet the hopes and aspirations of the people of the country.


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