For the first time ever, SCBA to hold elections online

  • In the first place, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) is planning to conduct its annual elections through a virtual forum.

  • The SCBA Election Committee has proposed that if the polls are to take place in January 2021, they should be administered virtually through the NSDL website.

  • The annual polls elect the office bearers of the SCBA's Executive Committee that rules the Bar of the Supreme Court.

  • At its meeting, the Election Committee discussed the following options for holding the election:

  1. Election in physical form

  2. Electors will be made eligible to vote in both modes, namely physical and interactive, as per their choice.

  3. Virtually using a forum such as NSDL to hold the entire election.

  4. Practically on NSDL, but with a small number of computers accessible at the premises of the Supreme Court for the convenience of anyone who does not have access to a computer/phone, the whole election shall be held.

  • In consideration of the fact that the method of counting physical ballots involves a significant number of volunteers and candidate agents, alternatives requiring physical polling have been rejected and such plans can therefore not be made securely during the pandemic.

  • The idea of having a small number of devices for the benefit of those lacking connections to telephones and computers was also refused on the basis that, in addition to support personnel, it would entail the physical presence of electors at the Supreme Court.

  • It finally picked the third to take into account the condition of COVID-19.

  • After the draught list of electors is compiled, the date for conducting the elections will be determined.


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