For the first time,Chhattisgarh police reqruits 13 Transgender Cops

  • On Monday Chhattisgarh police department recruited 13 transgender Cops as constables.

  • According to the report, 9 out of 13 candidates are from Raipur. Chhattisgarh becomes the first state of recruited transgender police.

  • The transgender community has thanked the Home Ministry department of the state. Mitwa Sumit a transgender who is the owner of an NGO said: " the candidates who are given a chance to prove that the third gender can also rub shoulders with third genders in society".

  • One of the transgender copes said, " this is the matter of dignity for third gender communication".

  • Director-General of Chhattisgarh DM Awasthi has congratulated the newly recruited third gender Cops.


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