First summit-level meeting of the Quad to be held on Friday

  • Joe Biden is all set to meet PM Narendra Modi, Australian PM Scott Morrison and Japan’s PM Yoshihide Suga virtually on Friday for the first summit-level meeting of the security grouping that has moved rapidly towards acquiring an institutional structure.

  • It was stated by the White House on Tuesday that the upcoming summit is going to be reflecting the “importance we place on close cooperation” with allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific region as it will be one of the earliest President Joe Biden’s multilateral meetings.

  • So far, Biden has held virtual meetings with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. One multilateral meeting was also held with his G7 counterparts.

  • White House press secretary stated that a range of issues will be discussed by the leaders including the threat of COVID-19 being faced by the global community, economic cooperation, and the climate crisis.

  • The summit meeting was announced by the Indian external affairs ministry on Tuesday. The ministry stated that the summit will provide an opportunity to exchange views on contemporary challenges such as resilient supply chains, emerging and critical technologies, maritime security and climate change.


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