First Indian woman pilot honoured by Google with doodle

• Google celebrated India’s first female pilot on her 107th birth anniversary with a doodle.

• Sarla Thukral was born in Delhi on 8th of August 1914. She later shifted to Lahore which is in present-day Pakistan.

• She made history by flying a plan when she was just 21 years sold in 1936.

• She is said to have been inspired by her husband and his family of fliers.

• Google stated, “We planned to run this same doodle honouring Sarla Thukral in India last year. However, when the tragic plane crash occurred in Kerala, we withheld the doodle out of respect to the event and relief efforts. Though we don’t usually run doodles more than once, Thukral left such a lasting legacy for women in aviation that we decided to run the doodle this year in honor of her 107th birthday.”

• The doodle was prepared by artist Vrinda Zaveri.

• Thukral joined the Lahore Flying club and became the first Indian woman to complete 1000 hours of flight to get her A license.

• World War II halted her plans of becoming a commercial pilot.

• She went on to study fine art and painting at Mayo School of Arts in Lahore.

• She built a career designing jewelry and clothing when she moved to Delhi and gained success.


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