First case of H1ON3 bird flu in human in China

• A 41-year-old man from eastern China is the first human in the world to contract H1ON3 bird flu.

• He first developed a fever on 23rd April and was admitted to the hospital after five days as his condition worsened and tested positive for the bird flu on 28th May.

• He is now ready to be discharged.

• According to research H1ON3 is a low pathogenic which means that it is a less severed disease in poultry.

• The health authorities stated, “This infection came from a sporadic transmission from poultry to a human.”

• The WHO informed that while the source of the patient’s exposure is unknown, there is no indication that the virus can spread amongst humans.

• On Wednesday, WHO stated, “As long as avian influenza viruses circulate in poultry, sporadic infection of avian influenza in humans is not surprising, which is a vivid reminder that the threat of an influenza pandemic is persistent.”

• No travel restrictions or special screening have been recommended by the WHO at points of entry regarding the H1ON3 virus.


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