FIR lodged against "Tandav" makers booked for hurting religious sentiments

  • Uttar Pradesh government on Friday has filed the FIR (First Information Report) against the web- series "Tandav" makers and has appealed to Allahabad High court to take legal action against the makers for portraying Hindu "God" in a derogatory state this is an issue of hurting the religious sentiments.

  • Opposing the FIR registered aver scenes in web series "Tandav" the anticipatory bail has been filed by AparnaPurohit, She is the creative head of Amazon prime video India.

  • In support of FIR lodged the advocate general Vinod Shahi has said "the religious sentiments of viewers are hurt after watching the derogatory portrayal of Hindu Gods in a scene of "Tandav '' web series and viewers are agitated. So, the anticipatory bail should be granted by Allahabad HC".

  • However, the FIR against the makers are lodged under section 66 (computer-related offence,66F(punishable offence for cyber terrorism, section 67 ( showing obscenity), IT Act 2008 and other several sections.


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