Here’s why people are accusing therapy app ‘Cerebral’ of being a scam

• A TikTok video was uploaded by Katie Mac, a Boston woman, warning people about the therapy app ‘Cerebral’.

• In her video Katie stated that the app is a scam that advertises therapy options which it doesn’t offer and pre-charges users for such services.

• She added that she was required to enter her credit card information before she even chose a therapist and then she was offered just two therapists as options, neither of which met her needs.

• Mac demanded her money back within 24 hours and was offered only 30% of her money back even though she never had a single session of therapy.

• In her video Mac also informed that Olympic Gold medalist Simone Biles was the app’s Chief Impact Officer in 2021 and insisted the athlete to stop promoting the app.


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