Find out why BJP fired Trivendra Rawat as Uttarakhand CM.

  • Ex-CM Trivendra Singh was caught in the Kumbh Mela controversy. He sought to hold the restrictions of Kumbh Mela. Due to the friction between him and Akhara, he ultimately resigned from the Chief Ministerial post.

  • The Haridwar Mahakumbh revealed that the former CM of Uttarakhand was fired overnight in March this year.

  • Two BJP leaders and RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) with other state cabinet Ministers wanted to host grand Mahakumbh following minimal COVID-19 guidelines but the ex-CM Trivendra insisted on the 'Pratikatmak' symbol celebration due to a surge in COVID cases. He insisted on Kumbh restrictions.

  • According to reports, the overall turnover of Kumbh was expected to raise thousands of crores. But after the central government imposed the symbolic Kumbhi and restrictions it has caused a heavy loss.


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