Find out what the 2021 word of the year is

• The Merriam-Webster dictionary’s 2021 word of the year is ‘vaccine’.

• It was announced on Monday, “For many, the word symbolized a possible return to the lives we led before the pandemic. But it was also at the center of debated about personal choice, political affiliation, professional regulations, school safety, healthcare inequality, and so much more.”

• It was explained by Merriam-Webster that the word of the year is determined by data, suggesting that it must have been a top lookup at their website in the past 12 months.

• The 2020 word of the year in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is ‘pandemic’.

• Lookups for the word ‘vaccine’ increased by 61% from 2020 and up by 1,048% from 2019, according to the dictionary.


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