Find out the real reason why women earn less

• A Harvard economic professor has claimed that the gender pay gap is rooted in the issue of ‘greedy jobs’, rather than sec discrimination, gender bias or a glass ceiling.

• It has been explained by The Times that the term ‘greedy jobs’ described a ‘certain type of “beck and call” job, which pays over the odds for extensive travel, unpredictable, inflexible hours and demanding client facetime’.

• Claudia Goldin has drawn on reach to show that the highly-paid ‘greedy jobs’ in City law, banking and politics force women to back a decision between their careers and families once they become mothers.

• Goldin has written, “Gender norms that we have inherited get reinforces in a host of ways to allot more of the childcare responsibilities to mothers, and more of the family to grown daughters”.

• It has also been noted by Goldin that gender pay gaps are not as pronounced across all industries. She states that in careers that are less ‘greedy’ such as dermatology, tech and veterinary science, mothers are more likely to progress in such industries with their male peers and earn the same amount.


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