Find out PM Modi's major decision in fight against Covid-19

  • As the Centre on monday afternoon announced a series of guidelines to increase the availability of human resources in fight against the pandemic, the Centre declared that final year MBBS students and Medical interns can be deployed in the fight.

  • Medical interns can be used for Covid-management duties. While final year students can be deployed for mild cases and tele-communication services.

  • It further specified that both the interns and the final year students can work only under the supervision of senior doctors or faculty members.

  • Further, nurses with B.Sc or GNM (General Nursing & Midwife) degrees can also be appointed to Covid duties, but only under supervision.

  • The Centre has also postponed the August 31 scheduled NEET medical examination and has stated that the students will be given a month's notice before the exam is supposed to be held.


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