Father's Death & Lockdowns Couldn't Stop This 13 Old Boy From Earning Bread For His Family

Meet Gurpreet Singh, 13 year old boy from Amritsar who took charge of his family after the demise of his father. Gurpreet with the help of his mother is now running Baba Sandwich Corner in Amritsar, Gobind Nagar and sells delicious and freshly made to order sandwiches, momos, tandoori and creamy spring rolls, soya sticks and much more. Gurpreet takes utmost care of quality, hygiene and overall customer satisfaction.

Gurpreet judiciously sprinkles his special ingredient-love, in everything he prepares and serves it with a wide smile on his face. In the words of Gurpreet "Ethe ao te zaroor khao, je swaad na lagya ta beshak paise na do". "Come here and try our food and if you don't find it tasty then don't pay".

When asked how he manages to take so much responsibility at such a tender age, he replied by saying the "the circumstances of my house forced me to work hard and take charge, and under such circumstances how can I feel like playing''. To make his ends meet Gurpreet earlier started a small grocery shop which ceased to make profit during lockdown.

Along with Baba Sandwich Corner, Gurpreet also manages his schooling, tuitions and daily community service in Gurudwara. What has undoubtedly won hearts of the netizens is his persistence, positive outlook towards life, hard work and dedication.

Contact Number: 8699489274

Address: Gobind Nagar, Purani Chungi, Near Gagan Medical Store & Khalsa Dairy Street, Toot Sahib Gate, Amritsar


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