FASTag to be mandatory from midnight; All you need to know

From Monday midnight FasTag would be compulsory said Union Roadways Minister Nitin Gadkari. Gadkari also said that the deadline would not be extended further and hence vehicle owners should adopt e-payment facility immediately.

The central government extended the FASTag deadline for the vehicles from January 1, 2021, to February 15, 2021.

The National Payments Corporation of India has developed the online payment service. FASTag is a sticker is RFID-enabled barcode linked with registration details of your vehicle. It allows toll amounts to be deducted digitally from your prepaid balance.

You can buy FASTag from toll plazas across the country. You can also purchase it from payment apps like Paytm, Amazon and banks such as HDFC, SBI , ICICI Bank , Axis Bank etc.

Notably Fastag will be valid only for five years. In case you don’t have a fastag you will have to pay twice the toll amount.


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