Farmers hold largest Mahapanchayat at Mufazzarnagar, UP

  • Farmers who have been protesting against the three farm laws passed by the Centre last year, since the past nine months- today held massive rally at Mufazzarnagar, Uttar Pradesh.

  • In the Mahapanchayat, the farmers reiterated their stance against the three farm laws and also stated that they will campaign against the BJP in the upcoming UP state elections.

  • The Mahapanchayat is being held at the historic GIC ground, which is totally jam-packed. GIC ground was also the venue for most farmer meetings led by prominent farm leader Mahendra Singh Tikait.

  • The farmers have decided to continue with such protests across the state, where they will campaign against the ruling Yogi Adiyanath government ahead of next year's elections. Farmers have also planned to hold an all-India strike on September 27.


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