Farmers block KMP expressway for 24 hrs on 136th day of agitation

  • Thousands of farmers, on Saturday, blocked the 135-k m long KMP expressway, after a call from the Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM)- that is leading the farmers' protests on the borders of Delhi.

  • The farmer union leaders claimed that a few farmer activists were detained at Rewasan in Nuh district during the protests. The SP, however, denied the detentions and stated that the farmers were taken to the police station simple for 'talks' after they blocked the Gurugram-Nuh road.

  • The expressway has about 11 toll plazas, each of which see an average traffic of 25,000 cars per day. The farmers thronged these toll plazas at 8 am on Saturday morning.


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