Farmers are being misled: Agriculture minister in Parliament

  • As the session in Parliament continues after repeated adjournments and the Opposition continues to demand a response from the Government in regard to the Farm laws and the farmers' protests, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar stated that the farmers are being 'misled'.

  • While addressing the House, he stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government is committed to the welfare of the farmers. He further refused to acknowledge that there is any problem in the farm laws.

  • Minister Tomar further stated that it was only people in a particular state, who were being misinformed and accused the farm unions and opposition of having been unable to point out any shortcoming in the laws.

  • Reportedly, it has been 70 days since the farmers across India started staging protests at different borders of Delhi. All the eleven round of talks have been unfrutitful till now.


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