Farmer dies in Karnal due to police brutality

• On Saturday, during the farmers protest 40 farmers sustained injuries in the lathi-charge by Karnal police.

• Leaders associated with the Samyukt Kisan Morcha have asked all the injured farmers to get their MLRs from the government so that complaints can be filed against the police officials responsible for the injuries.

• It is being claimed by Farm Union leaders that a 45-year old farmer has lost his life due to the injuried sustained.

• Sushil Kumar was beaten by the police again and again on his head which eventually led to his death.

• These claims are however being denied by Karnal SP who said that there was no MLR on the name of Sushil Kumar and that Kumar went home after the incident and died in his sleep.

• He further added that no postmortem was conducted by the family before cremating the body.

• Police officials have also been caught on video beating farmers relentlessly and continuously.


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