Facebook Launches ‘BARS’ App For Creating & Sharing Raps

  • A new app has been launched by Facebook for creating and sharing raps in an effort to take on the growing Chinese Short-video making platform Tik-Tok.

  • The app is named BARS and is now available in the Apple App Store in the US and makes it easy to create and share raps so that rappers can focus on and experimenting with the content “rather than investing heavily in equipment and production”.

  • On Friday Facebook said in a statement, “Audio production tools can be complicated, expensive and difficult to use. With BARS, you can select one of our professionally created beats, write lyrics and record yourself dropping bars”.

  • The company further added, “BARS auto-suggests rhymes as you’re writing to keep your flow going. You can also jump into challenge mode and freestyle with auto-suggested word cues. Choose from a variety of audio and visual filters to take your creation to the next level”.

  • The New Product Experimental (NPE), Facebook’s internal R&D group is behind the new experimental app.

  • BARS is the second launch in the music spaces by the NPE team, following its public debut in music video app Collab last year.


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