Expert Panel on Covid trends in India: Five Points

  • An Expert Panel appointed by the Ministry of Science and Technology stated that the cumulative coronavirus cases will reach about 1.06 crore by February. The country will further see negligible rise in the cases by February end.

  • The Panel comprises of expert scientists from IITs, IISc Bangalore, ISI Kolkata, CMC Vellore.

  • This report by the panel indicates that the pandemic might be controlled by early next year with only minimal active symptomatic cases by the end of February.

  • The Report submitted by the Panel, which is based on a mathematical model, stated that this control over the pandemic can only be achieved if use of face masks, social distancing and continued testing by states will be in place and duly followed.

  • The Panel also stated that as opposed to August reports, where only 14% of the population had antibodies, at present this has risen to 30%. The Panel also stated that had lockdown not been imposed timely, the pandemic would have shaken the country and we would have reached a peak of 1.4 crore cases in June itself.


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