Elon Musk’s testimony in SolarCity trial

• On Monday, Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla testified in court in a shareholders lawsuit over the electric carmaker’s controversial acquisition of SolarCity in 2016.

• During the testimony Elon Musk told that he hates being the CEO of Tesla. He stated that he tried hard to not become the CEO of Tesla and that he hated the job.

• After this he said that without him the company would die.

• Many shareholders believed that SolarCity deal was a bailout which Mr. Musk very bluntly denied during the testimony. He said, “Since it was a stock-for-stock transaction and I owned almost exactly the same percentage of bother there was no financial gain.”

• Mr. Musk also stated during the testimony that he thinks that he is funny and his offbeat titles such as “Technoking” generates a lot of free press and keeping in mind that Tesla does not advertise, it is helpful in generating sales.


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