#ElectionBulletin; 3 reasons why AAP is winning in Punjab

  • Emerging trends show that AAP is set to rule Punjab with Bhagwant Mann as its new Chief Minister. Here are three reasons why Punjab is seeing an AAP wave

  • Change Factor: With both Akali Dal and Congress having ruled the state alternatively, the entry of a third party was seen as an alternative for change by the voters. Furter the traditional problems of Unemployment, Drug-menace had mad voters shift from traditional parties. The 'Ek Mauka Kejriwal Nu' campaign helped communicate the

  • Kejriwal's Delhi Model: The Aam Aadmi Party had effectively pitched its campaign by voicing its desire of bringing the Delhi Model to Punjab. The initiatives by the Delhi government in Healthcare and Education had effectively caught the attention of the voters.

  • CM by Referendum: AAP once again pitched its referendum politics by building the narrative of bringing forth a candidate who was chosen by the people. Thus, the missed call campaign of AAP which allowed people to give their preference for the Party's CM candidate helped in building people-driven politics and a bottom-up approach. Incidentally, AAP had followed the same approach in its debut election when it asked people whether it should go for an alliance with Congress or not


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