Durga Puja violence in Bangladesh

  • The recently concluded Durga puja celebrations proved to be a spurt of violence on the minority Hindu community as Sixty six houses were vandalized and at least 20 homes of Hindus were set on fire in Bangladesh

  • The attack was instigated by the rumour that a young Hindu man had dishonoured religion

  • Further, it led to arson wherein the majority community vandalised and set to fire the homes of various minority community residents

  • The attacks included vandalism of and setting fire to 559 houses and 442 shops and businesses of the Hindu community, it said. At least 1,678 cases of vandalism and arson attacks on Hindu temples, idols and places of worship were also reported in the same period, it said. While 11 citizens from the Hindu community have died in these incidents, another 862 were injured, according to the police report said.


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