Domestic violence cased filed against Honey Singh by wife

• An issue was noticed to the Bollywood singer on Tuesday by a Delhi court on a plea seeking protection by his wife.

• Honey Singh has been accused of physical, verbal and mental abuse by his wife Shalini Talwar.

• Talwar is seeking ₹20 crore compensation under the Protection of Women against Domestic Violence Act.

• The complaint read, “The Applicant (wife), aged 38 years, is filing instant petition under section 12 of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 (PWDV Act 2005) against the Respondents, seeking protection order and other reliefs against the atrocities committed by the Respondents.”

• Details of incident where she was mentally abused have also been listed in the complaint.

• In the complaint Shalini has mentioned that after Singh’s career took off, he became crash, rude, aggressive, contemptuous and disrespectful.

• Singh has also been accused of cheating on his wife.


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