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Disastrous leaderships around the globe in Covid-19 crisis

• India is currently facing a devastating second wave of Covid and PM Modi is being blamed for the disastrous conditions. The government is being blames for ignoring scientific advice and calling for stricter restrictions. Kumbh Mela has been termed as super-spreader.

• President of Brazil was seen constantly downplaying Covid-19 and calling it a little flu. Misinformation and false narratives about the virus were spread by Bolsonaro. Constitutional powers were used by him to interfere with the Health Ministry’s clinical protocols.

• President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko denied the threat of Covid-19 and claimed that the virus could be prevented by consuming vodka, visiting the sauna, and working in the fields. He refused to get vaccinated.

• Donald Trump mishandled the pandemic which resulted in US becoming the worst-hit country in the world. The President of USA blamed China and called it a ‘Chinese virus’ leading to rise in hate crimes against Asians.

• The highest fatality rate of Covid patients was reported in Mexico. President Obrador refused to wear a mask and is said to have resisted calls to impose a nationwide lockdown. Financial aid for citizens for Covid-19 were limited by him which resulted in worsening the economic shock.


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