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Did the US allow aid to the Taliban? Tap to find out

  • The United States has exempted the U.S. and the U.N. officials to do business with the Taliban. The flow of aid to Afghanistan continues undeterred as Afghanistan goes into a humanitarian crisis.

  • It is unclear whether the U.S. move will make some $ 6 million payments to the Islamists.

  • The Treasury Department has declined to reveal whether the new license will make the U.N. payments to the Taliban. The U.S. tagging the Taliban as a terror group barred any American involvement.

  • The licenses allow the U.S. officials. The international organizations engage in transactions with the Taliban or the Haqqani network.

  • The licenses will also protect the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from the U.S. sanctions related to humanitarian activities and projects.

  • The House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee has criticized the decision by the Democratic President Joe Biden. The Taliban took over, resulting in the U.S. and foreign donors stopping assisting Afghanistan financially.

  • The U.N. Security Council, in a separate move, passed a resolution that exempted donors, aid groups, and financial institutions from providing humanitarian assistance from U.N. asset freeze