Did Coronavirus originate in China? Check out what WHO Chief says

  • As researchers struggle to get to the source of the coronavirus outbreak, WHO Cheif Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has called out China for lack of access and support to the WHO team which visited the country few months ago.

  • Although the team that visited Wuhan ruled out the possibility of lab-leak of the virus and stated that it seems to have transmitted from Bats to humans, Dr.Tedros called for fresh investigation.

  • WHO chief said that "I do not believe that this assessment was extensive enough," while addressing the UN health agency's 194 member states, in a briefing on the Covid origins report.

  • Notably The United States, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Israel, Britain and seven other European countries backed the chief’s argument. The countries issued a joint statement voicing concerns that the investigation "was significantly delayed and lacked access to complete, original data and samples".

Amid the call of more investigation, data access and research the Chinese foreign ministry denied the allegations. Further it said “Actions politicising this search for the origins will only seriously hinder global cooperation in this regard, undermine the global anti-epidemic efforts and cause more loss of life."


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