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Deputy CM Pawar threatens Legal Action if MLC nomination further delayed by Governor

  • Ajit Pawar the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra has sent a not so subtle message to governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari indicated that the state may consider approaching the judiciary if he continued to defer taking a decision on a list of 12 people to be nominated for the legislative council.

  • The Maharashtra Government had given the names in the first week of November. The people whose names were given were to be nominated as MLCs under the governor’s quota.

  • Ajit Pawar said that the Chief Minister had sent the names to the governor by following all the relevant rules and further added “The state has sent the names of the 12 people after having cleared from the Cabinet. The governor has been explained the entire procedure.”

  • The Deputy CM had also made a reference to the courts to imply that the state may not wait any longer if the governor does not take a decision on the names. Pawar had stated a week ago that the governor should not make the state wait endlessly and try the state’s patience.

  • According to the rules of the legislative council the 12 people have to be nominated to the upper house of the state legislature from the social, cultural, sports and other fields.